Engineering Info

Graduate Students are faced with a range of problems when they enter the industry.

These include:

A large gap between the theory they encounter in lectures and the practical aspects of performing on the job

The shortage of graduates in key engineering disciplines often leads to very fast learning curves for graduate students when entering industry.

Information needed for the graduate to perform effectively is spread widely and unevenly over several resources such as the internet, supplier data, and reference books.

​​Engineers are often faced with cross discipline problems for which they were not trained. Electrical engineers, for example, will often have to deal with mechanical engineering issues, if, for example, they are in a plant maintenance position.

The above factors in combination with fast learning curves in the South African work environment and pressure to immediately perform, coupled with the difficulty of finding relevant information quickly leads to the possibility of making mistakes, often with serious results.

Conversations with key individuals within the educational & vocational establishment have highlighted a need for a one-stop shop of key PRACTICAL reference information to be made available to students of the various engineering disciplines. This material should be provided in such a way as to be accessible to all students/graduates, and will be based on the experiences drawn from industry

​The Engineer's Technical Handbook

The Engineer's Technical Handbook is an online publication intended as a platform to transfer key technical knowledge from the providers of goods and services, to the engineers that utilize those goods and services. key basic knowledge is often lacking in decision makers resulting in poor and uninformed decision making. As experts in their relevant fields, a particular provider of goods and / or services is in an ideal position to provide such mussing information.This online resource also provides additional information on contributing companies, such as company profile data, links, and contact information. There's a large library of companies with their own summary pages.

South Africa today is facing a critical skills shortage. The Engineers Technical Handbook will provide a vehicle for companies to disseminate key technical advice in their area of speciality to a wide audience of both student and practicing engineers. As the material will be kept as a reference resource for future decision makers, the publication is a very cost effective way of enhancing the profile of the company brand whilst serving the wider interests of the South African economy.

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